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For what in marketing telemarketing is used? for formation of a database of mailing, for follow-up campaigns, for call acceptance from the become interested clients, for reception of returnable forms.

By means of proceeding telemarketing database actualisation is spent at least, the expediency of a direction of the reference to this addressee is defined.

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So, the contact person is defined. the call is made:

  1. The beginning of conversation
    9 10:30, , 10:30 :) : " ! "", ". " " "".
  2. Legend
    - e-mail, , , .
  3. Detour of secretary
  4. How to receive affirmative reply
    , : "". :
    1. Now - start poll
    2. Later - ask, during what time it is more convenient to call back, having called back, appeal to the previous conversation, and refusal will not follow.
    3. Never, neither now, nor then - thank, and be not upset, following will necessarily answer.

    1. Avoid expressions which bear in itself negation: you could not, whether will complicate you and so on. similar phrases already bear in themselves "mood" of refusal.
    2. Do not use categorical statements: you are mistaken, at all are not present, you are not right. such expressions cause aggressive reaction, and productive conversation it will not turn out.
    3. Politeness - the main arch corrected at conversation conducting, but excessive politeness belittles your advantage, thereby it becomes much easier to interlocutor you to refuse.
    4. Passive expressions - if, it could, you could - create sensation of your dependence on someone or something that allows your interlocutor to combine opinion on you as about the person little significant so, to refuse to you for it it is possible.
    5. Trust in me! - a phrase good for the american film-accident, but not for telephone conversation on purpose to receive the information, in the present state of affairs you push the interlocutor on thought that actually it is not necessary to trust you. also try not to use phrases: the word of honour, i assure you, believe, you will not regret and so on.
    6. Watch closely hesitation words, in telephone conversation they are especially appreciable!
    7. General impression from conversation in many respects depends on how you finish conversation and if you make at the interlocutor good impression about your company also your envelope with the marketing letter will be necessarily opened.
  5. Time of conversation
    , - ( 20 - ).
  6. End of conversation
    "" : " ( ), - ".
    21 14 16 - 19 21 10 . !

Follow up campaign

After is spent mailing (direct a mail), it makes sense to spend follow-up campaign ( after mailing). people by the nature can shelve affairs, especially, if it, for example, sending of the returnable form. follow-up reminds of it, pushes to active actions that allows to accelerate process of sending of returnable forms, operatively to receive the information on "hot" clients, to find out the reasons on which the addressee was interested by the offer. in certain cases follow-up campaign after marketing campaign allows to increase the response in tens times. besides, when in process follow-up campaigns there is "a hot" client, that is the client who is ready to conclude at once the contract, its contact can be switched at once to the manager of the company-customer, for the prompt carrying out of the transaction.реверс редуктор для лодки

Гостиница Волхов 2

follow-up :

  1. You received our letter?
  2. Whether you plan to use our offer?
  3. For what reasons you do not want to use our offer (if the person has refused)? whether
  4. Want to receive our materials further? (presence of this question allows to establish, first, the long connexion, secondly, to understand, whether the company and a given spectrum of services/goods) has interested.

If your campaign was a success, and as feedback means phone, that, probably was used, squall of calls will fall upon you. in this case employees of the company should be instructed and prepared for it. for carrying out of such volume work also is better to address in the call-centre. not because in the call-centre professionals of telemarketing that is why that professionals work on the professional equipment that allows not to lose calls work, not to irritate your potential clients with constantly occupied number (details look on www.ihl ).

At entering telemarketing important not to miss possibility to receive more information, the given information without fail should be fixed, be not afraid to ask additional questions - besides that you receive the information, you show interest, it will be pleasant to your interlocutor.

Smile. smile, when call, when call to you - the smile too can be heard:)

And, probably, the most important our recommendation: charge this work to professionals. Address!

: That such telemarketing

The example of dm of the project: BKKONSALT.RU >> telemarketing

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